Saturday, November 8, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 8

The Princess attended her 2nd Girl Scout meeting this past week.She's in a combined troupe that is half Brownies (which she is) and half Girl Scouts. And let me tell you that she's enjoying it.

I didn't hang out this 2nd meeting like I did the first. When I told the Princess at dinner that I would just be dropping her off at the meeting, she seemed a little apprehensive.

I want to give you some privacy. I know you all talk about stuff and I want you to be able to express yourself.

After the meeting, she was all smiles. She had a good time in the round-table discussion. She participated a few times and didn't have to guard her words. She was able to relax without feeling that I was looking over her shoulder. And THAT is what I wanted to happen. I wanted her to have a relaxed outlet to express herself.

She's growing up and I want her to have a place and some space to be able to get things out. And I think that this group of young ladies will be a terrific emotional outlet for her.

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