Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 12

People, I just almost pee'd in my pants with laughter.

It was PRICELESS to watch Brady being voted off. HA!

I am every so proud of Amy C. She did exactly what her Mom told her to do. "Think about yourself". Yeah!

The Blue team showed their UGLINESS by celebrating Phil being voted off by the Black team. It wasn't something the Black Team gals wanted to do, but that's what happened.That smirkiness that the Blue team showed was SO horrible. They just blamed everything on Phil. He made one comment to Brady and it got all blown up amongst the Blue team. They were the ones talking smack each and every turn. Their dislike for one person blossomed between the four of them. It was so destructive to watch. And those two couples are definitely NOT good examples for people. They didn't see or ever have an inkling of how ugly they being either. [shaking head] They just saw in their mind that Phil was the "bad" guy.

It's funny how Vicki says that "we always said we'd have 3 strong women at the final". That statement totally contradicts the fact that the 4th person of her original foursome was back in the game. It was always Vicki / Brady / Heba / Ed. That was the foursome. And everyone knows it. So Amy C was NOT being "stupid" Vicki. She was being smart knowing that you and the rest of your "team" would kick her to the curb.

The Blue team thought they had it in the bag last night. That they had a group that was five strong. Those smirky-smirk faces. Ugh. Amy C changed the entire game by voting like she did and I LOVE IT!

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