Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 13

The Hubs and the kids are finicky eaters. They are. It's quite annoying. Especially since I like to eat lots of different kinds of food. So I tend to keep meals simple and make what the kids and the Hubs will eat. To me? It's a bit boring but ... I have to go with it.

When we get take-out? I get to order whatever I want. Spicy? Unusual? Different? Yes. That's me!

But what's great? When I do have my food, you know who asks to have a bite? The Princess. She is now at an age where she wants to try new things. And since she's open to trying open things? I'm starting to take advantage of it.

Last week, I made a new chicken dish. And the Princess ate it up. She even asked when I would make it next. And last night, I made a different version of meatloaf than I normally do. And she ate that up. Even the Bear at half of the portion I gave him. And on Tuesday when the kids were off, I made that new dessert dish. Which both kids fully enjoyed.

They are venturing into new meals. YES!And I am fully amazed. But totally happy about it. Of course, I'm sure it'll be a hit-and-miss mission. Well worth the effort though.

Now are your kids picky eaters? What do you tend to make for them?

But right now? I'm munching on some leftover meatloaf and rice. YUM!

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