Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm still waiting

Remember the other day when I was all excited about my latest purchase ?

Well, I finally received a confirmation that they are shipping my items today.

Yea, right?

Well. No. I just checked the status of the tracking number and it's NOT YET in the system.

Yes. I have a tracking number. But NO the people who are shipping my stuff haven't picked UP my item yet.


This just means that I won't get my package until NEXT WEEK!

I won't be home next week. Thanksgiving with my family. Remember?


I'm still excited to be getting my bags. I'm just disappointed that I won't get my stuff by this weekend. Hmm...I guess that's what I get for $4.95 standard shipping. I guess they're not in a hurry to get stuff out to their customers. But they DID have time to revamp their main page. I guess that's where their priorities lie.

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