Friday, November 21, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 21

I've had some heavy thoughts in my mind the last few days. Nothing I can control really. Just someone in my mind. A person I cannot help physically. But someone I can help through my positive thoughts and prayers.

Do you recall a couple months ago when I wrote this up in an entry to see if anyone could help?

When I couldn't get it out of my mind and I submitted samples of my own to be on the register?

Well, this extraordinary gal that has been on my mind just received an breakthrough blood cord transplant yesterday. And hopefully will be make am amazing recovery.

For those of you who don't know about it. Ladies who are pregnant can choose to have their baby's umbilical cord blood stored. You can choose to bank the cord blood in a private facility for your own family use. Or you may chose to donate the cord blood. Normally a newborn's umbilical cord is thrown away. Those life-saving stem cells are normally not used at all. Can you believe it? But you need to discuss these options with your doctor and the hospital you'll be delivering at way before your due date. Proper arrangements and paperwork will need to be completed.

A newborn's cord blood has precious properties. The cord blood can be used in the event your child develops leukemia or another disease as he/she gets older. The cord blood may be used on another child as well if there is a match. Or like with Michelle, you can donate the cord blood to someone who has not been able to find a donor with matching bone marrow.

Just something serious to consider. I hope that I'm able to help Michelle by reaching you -- the folks who read my blog. That through you more people will get involved in the cause. Become a registered blood or bone marrow marrow donor. Or donate your child-to-be's cord blood. Something. Anything. I think it's important we all try to do even the smallest bit to help.

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