Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 25

I'm sure everyone now has heard of SCOTUS Docket No. 08-570.

What do you think about it?

I guess SCOTUS Justice Souter agrees that the federal lawsuit filed by Phil Berg warrants further attention. That this particular docket, which was dismissed earlier, actually has a some meat to it.

The reason for the change is that there is a Constitutional requirement that "No person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible to the office of President..."

So what does that mean? It means that prior to or on December 1, Barack Obama needs to provide a vault copy of his original Hawaiian birth certificate.

Now I don't know why this wasn't produced already. I know this business of Obama's citizenship was brought up by some during the election. Why wasn't this dealt with already? I mean, practically everyone in the media was digging into Sarah Palin's life and history during the couple of months that she was Senator's McCain's running mate. All these investigative reporters out there in the world had TWO FREAKING years to figure out this business about Obama's past. And now this all is coming out? Why so late?

Now Senator Obama was in Hawaii the day before the election to see his grandmother. How difficult would it have been to send someone to get his birth certificate at that time? I mean he's got a staff right? All he had to do was send someone over. Granted, he had other things on his mind but this docket had already been filed. So he knew something was up with it.

What I didn't realize about the election process is that on December 15th, all the representatives of the Electoral College must go to each state capital and cast their votes for President and Vice President. It's an official thing that we never really hear about. But Senator Obama is required to substantial his citizenship two weeks prior to this voting process.

What if he's unable to produce the required paperwork?


I mean, I've heard that his father's Mom along with his half-brother and half-sister have said that Senator Obama was born in Kenya. And I found out that according to the U.S. Nationality Act of 1940, when parents choose to expatriate that minors lose their American citizenship. Since Obama's mom moved to Indonesia and married an Indonesian citizen that act basically ended her own and her son's American citizenship.

So what do you think about all this?

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