Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 24


I just about busted a gut last night watching the Amazing Race.

I even had to stop the Hubs and get him to watch a few minutes of the program. Even he couldn't believe how uncoordinated the "Fraternity Brothers" were. According to a t-shirt one of them wore during last night's episode, they were from Alpha Epsilon Pi.

I mean the red-headed guy couldn't get the cloth tied around his feet properly. And the other guy couldn't march. HE. COULD. NOT. MARCH.

Now you tell me. Was that not hysterical?

"My motorskills and coordination are definitely some of my poor attributes, so the marching incorporates all the things I'm not good at."

He could NOT coordinate his arms and his legs. I mean all the soldiers were cracking up! It looked like he was punching the air! It's not about rhythm. It's about coordination. It's about knowing how to control your arms and legs. What made me laugh even more was that he said he was a "sports and tv based" kind of guy. All the people I know who are involved in sports are coordinated. I mean, you have to be right?

I'm laughing at this guy's expense but DANG! You can't help but laugh.

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