Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 1

I can't believe it's already November.

And with November comes NaBloPoMo.

I've never participated. But I figured that after a couple years of reading lots of other folks who participate that I'd jump in. And ya'll know that I can ramble. So I can ramble a little each day. HA!

Yesterday being Halloween, it was expectedly busy. But it so happened that yesterday was a field trip for my kids' school. The kids who met the 1st quarter reading program criteria were awarded with a free trip to the zoo. Both my kids were scheduled to go. So I was roped in asked to be a driver. Thankfully, they had enough drivers for all the other kids that I only had to drive my kids. It ended up being a Mommy-Kid day!

The kids had a good time. We got to see all the animals. They so enjoyed touching the snakes and lizard that were on display at the one venue. My son fed a giraffe too! They got to try Dipping Dots for the first time. Yes. For the very first time. It was their first dose of sweets for the day. Hey, it was Halloween! We finished up at the zoo and walked across the parking lot to the park next door. All the kids ate. And then they played for about 45 minute. Yes. They ran. they jumped. They had a grand old time.

Around 1pm I herded my kids towards our car. I knew they were tuckered out. They looked hot. I blasted the air conditioner (it was about 85 degrees) and turned on The Incredibles. The two relaxed, drank water, and cooled down. Once we got home, I moved the DVD to our big tv and had them lay down on the couch. I needed for them to rest up for the evening, you know?

Then I heard someone cough.


It was the Bear. He coughed that cough where you know it's the tip of an iceberg. It was a cough that sounded like he was on the verge of a rough couple of days. I had him drink a bunch of water and lay down.

The kids and I headed out for the night and left the Hubs to hand out candy. I had a figure 8 configuration in mind for our route. I had a feeling that the Bear wouldn't make the entire circuit. And I was right. As we walked the end of the first section he was dragging. We'd hit about 50 houses and he was bushed. What was great was that he was kind and friendly to everyone that we saw. Every house got a smile. A "Thank You" when the treat was being dropped into his bag. And a "Happy Halloween" along with a wave as he ran back to me at the sidewalk. But he was tired, so he went in to help the Hubs. But that left the two girls (me and the Princess) to finish the loop. And we were quick! She had a fun time chatting it up with me between houses.

We let the kids stay up until 9pm, which is LATE for them. And they were both barely able to make it through bedtime prep because they were both so exhausted. When I had the Bear in the tub, I noted how warm he was so we gave him some Motrin. They two fell asleep in no time flat.

Around 5:30am, the Hubs and I woke up to coughing. Or better yet...hacking. The Bear was awake and sounded like he was vomiting. Poor little man. He never did get anything up. But I think he was just feeling horrible because he was burning up. He felt so bad that he didn't want to drink any Motrin, even though he knows it makes him feel better. But I eventually convinced him to take a sip of it to take the edge off. The Hubs went back to bed and I lay on the couch with the Bear. When the kids are sick we try to split things up so that at least one of us is rested. Around 7:30, the Hubs got out of bed and let me get back into bed to catch a little more sleep. You see, the Bear NEVER went back to sleep. He just lay there on the couch and twirled my hair. Oy! But his fever went down a little after about 30 minutes and I was able to have him drink the rest of the dose of Motrin.

So to date? The Hubs was sick on Monday. I felt sick on Wednesday. The Bear got sick on Friday. The Princess? She should be sick on Monday. Right? I'd better make sure I've got enough Tylenol for her (she doesn't like the taste of Motrin).


Welcome to cold-flu-sick season!

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