Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life this week in bullets

No real posts lurking in my head
  • My heartburn/acid reflux has reared its ugly head once more
  • Not getting too much good sleep the past 3 nights due to the acid
  • Contemplating taking aloe vera pills to sooth my insides
  • MUST make an appointment with a new primary care physician since I've moved and have a new health plan
  • As of today, my youngest niece is a new walker -- she crawled maybe 1% of the time she was here at my parent's house
  • My kids have been a BIG part in the development of my youngest niece's walking since they have been encouraging her to walk to them every day
  • My kids are anxious to be go daycamp next week
  • My 2nd youngest niece may have qualified to be a part of the Junior Olympics this year for her achievements in both mini-javelin and shotput
  • My oldest nephew should be qualifying for the Junior Olympics (yet again) with his throws tomorrow in the javelin
  • I'm "enjoying" work for the most part
  • I did have my first RUDE call this week
  • I did get annoyed with my boss this week. She left without telling me she'd added more to my job queue. I didn't find out until 4pm that the stuff was in there and I leave at 4:30pm. ARGH!
  • I spent 2.5 hours at the DMV this week and that was WITH an appointment
  • Even though my wait at the DMV was long. I stayed sane by playing Brain Age2 on my daughter's DS. Thus? I approached every DMV employee with a smile. And I'm sure they appreciated that in the sea of impatient faces.
  • I did get my new license plate AND I got 100% on my short written driving exam. The grader even made faces on the zeros in the 100%  mark on my test. I'll be getting my new drivers license in the mail in about 4 weeks
Life is good. Even with a sour tummy.

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