Thursday, July 8, 2010

May have found a place

've buckled down finally to find a place to live.

I've been living with my folks now for a couple months. And it's TIME to go.

The schools around here start at the end of August.

Now is the time to get into a place so I can register them for the upcoming school year.

I saw a place yesterday.

And you know what? I was sitting in my car waiting for the broker when I felt like I was moving around. I looked around and saw my car shaking.


It was that darn 5.4 earthquake that hit SoCal.

The earthquake SHOOK MY CAR silly.

But the place I saw?

Here it is.

I'm across the street looking at the unit on the right.

I'm standing at the foyer looking to my right into the livingroom that has a fireplace.

I'm still standing at the foyer looking towards the kitchen and the livingroom is on the right.

Still at the foyer here looking straight ahead towards the staircase. The dining room is the area under the chandelier. The arch to the right is the way into the kitchen.

In the far side of the kitchen looking towards the livingroom that you can see through the passthru.

Outside the kitchen sliding doors is this little paved area. The sliding door you see there is one off the livingroom.

The bedrooms are upstairs. For some strange reason I failed to take photos up there. What's nice is that there's an attached 2-car garage and the place is on a dead-end street.

So what do you think?

I sent an email to the broker letting her know that I want the place. That we need to meet up again so that I can hand in the application and deposit.

I hope I get it!

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