Saturday, July 3, 2010

Afternoon at the faire

After working all morning, the kids and I went to the San Diego Fair on Friday.

I don't care what anyone else has to say about it. It will ALWAYS be the DEL MAR FAIR to me.

We found parking without any problem. Yes. There were lots of folks still driving into the place, but the parking attendants were right on task and directed us all to the proper place in short order.

We visited the pigs and cows. Of course, the people taking care of the animals had been there since the early morning. And you know when you're sitting someplace for a long time you eventually get bored. You NEED to do something fun. Something. Anything to pass the time. One of the boys sitting there looked at me as I walked by.
Ma'am?Watch where you're walking. There's some poop over there.
I look down. And there was a little plastic snake moving across my path. I look at the boy, shrug, and then step over the snake and continued to walk. The kid had the snake on some string or fishing wire. Unfortunately, the large man walking the opposite direction from me looked down. And immediately reacted upon seeing the snake. He jumped about a foot up in the air and audibly gasped. The boy and his posse cracked up. My sisters and I were also highly amused as well.

We spent a bit of time in the fun zone so that the kids could have some fun. They rode the rides. They had some snacks. They also played a BUNCH of games. We came home with at least 10 stuffed animals. And they weren't all small either.

What was super fun to watch were the folks riding the Sling Shot. And I have to let you know that Sis#2 and Shorty (BIL married to LilSis) rode that darn thing. They had a blast. They both enjoy those rides that have a high adrenalin rush to it.

My kids had a blast. And I had a great time as well. Yeah!

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