Sunday, August 15, 2004

What happened while I was reading?


On the weekend, I like to have my hubby in charge of the kids sometimes. So as I was reading he fed the kids their lunch (Saturday & Sunday) and put my Bear down for his nap. That was very helpful, but there was a LOT more left to do. What, you ask?

  1. Do another load of laundry
  2. Empty the bathroom (both of them) trashcans and take the kitchen trash out
  3. Wipe down the kids' bathroom mirror as it is visibly dirty from someone's little hands doing an imitation of a windshield wiper
  4. Get a new hand towel in the kids' bathroom as the one sitting on the counter is soaking wet
  5. Grab the 5 sippys that he'd given the Bear this afternoon as they were strewn all throughout the great room & WASH them.

One thing that irked me tremendously was that yesterday he agreed to take the Princess to the pool in the complex today. Okay, so you think he had it together in his head what he needed for that stroll down the parking lot? He had to ask me where her bathing suit was. He almost walked out of the townhouse without a towel in sight (of course he remembered to grab his sunglasses!). Then when the two of them came back I realized he'd forgotten to put sunscreen on her! @#%% !!!!

What have I done since my kids got into bed at 8:30? (1) Cleaned the toilets (2) Wiped each bathroom sink & counter (3) Wiped down each bathroom mirror (4) Taken the leftovers that I know we're not going to eat out of the fridge (5) Taken out all the trash (6) Restocked the diaper changing basket (7) Prep'd for breakfast in the morning (8) Taken a shower....It's now 9:30pm.

What has he done since the kids went to bed at 8:30pm? (1) Laid on the couch and watched the Olympics....

Hmmm...Do you see anything uneven about the two previous paragraphs???

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