Friday, August 13, 2004

Which one to buy?

The Bear and I went to Target after dropping the Princess off at preschool (the 2nd day of class). I was returning a couple water bottles that I had purchased for the Princess to take to school. They were these cool purple insulated Rubbermaid's with a flip top. Alas, she was unable to flip the top! Oy! So those got returned. I was on a mission to get the Princess a generic yet feminine lunch box. I noted on Wednesday that all the girls that had stayed for lunch had an actual lunch box. How many "Hello Kitty" and "Princess" ones were there? Too many! I'm not one to buy the Princess clothes with characters on them and I didn't want to buy a lunch box with characters either. I wanted a basic lunch box, dang it! So there we were in the lunch box section searching. It took me about 15 minutes to decide. I tried the zipper on all the different models. I checked out the interior storage on each of them. I tried to determine if I could stick all the food I wanted to pack into each one. Yes, that's why it took me so long. I finally decided on a pink Aractic Zone insulated soft-sided lunch box. Okay, okay, okay...I submitted to buying something pink. But at least it doesn't have cartoon characters on it! I'm sure that stuff will become important soon enough. I showed the Princess the lunch box after she'd eaten her lunch today and she likes it. No questions regarding "Hello Kitty" or the "Princesses". Woohoo!

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