Friday, August 13, 2004

The Olympics start tonight

Goodness gracious! I had no idea until I just buzzed by yahoo and saw it on the tv listing. The opening ceremonies start at 7pm (prime time here in AZ). Wow! I'm going to need to buy a TV Guide just so I can keep track of what's on and when. I don't want to miss certain events. Tomorrow they've got swimming, diving, women's volleyball and men's gymnastics on already! Dang it! How am I going to watch it all? This is the time when I HATE not have a TiVo system. I've got that relic called a VHS recorder. Only one channel at a time!

What I find interesting is that not a lot of folks have made it out to the Olympics as everyone had planned. I guess with the state of the world there are a lot of tickets still available for many events. I guess the hotels and stuff had jacked up the prices in anticipation of the tourist madness but have ended up with lots of empty rooms. So I guess the prices should be skydiving since the Games are starting already. Hopefully there are some bargains out there for folks that have vacation time available and money to burn. Of course, I'm not one of those people. But it would be great for those who thought they couldn't afford to see the Olympics (in Greece too!) and now can. Check out for any bargains people!!!

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