Friday, August 13, 2004

Yelling? Anyone paying attention?

Why is it that the kids actually listen and get upset when my hubby yells?

When I yell they seem to stop and recognize the yelling and go on with whatever they were doing. Yes, you heard it! I DO yell! Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I shouldn't but it happens. When the kids aren't listening and I've lost my last ounce of patience...I'll yell.

Tonight, my hubby got the Princess ready for bed as I washed the Bear. He kept on having repeat himself to give her direction and he was getting frustrated with her lack of attention. He ended up yelling for about a minute and half. Like I said I had my Bear in the tub. When the yelling started the Bear jumped in surprise. Then he looked at my hubby with a sad little face. Then he walked over to the edge of the tub where I was and continued to look at my hubby. By this time my Princess was crying and my hubby was telling her to stop crying. My Bear's bottom lip started to pout out. Then he started crying too. Oh! The sympathy crying!

The kids certainly don't act this way when I'm upset! But then again I don't continue to rant on. I usually make two statements at the most and then I'm done. I guess my hubby just has more of an impact than me.

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