Thursday, August 12, 2004


Today was the first day of the new school year! Yes, here in Arizona some of the schools started today and others start next week. Too early? They get out by Mid-May so it all evens out.

Yesterday we visited the school. It was orientation day! We met the Princess' new teachers, checked out her classroom, showed her where the bathroom was, checked out the cubby spaces, AND met some of the kids. We didn't stay long but it wasn't supposed to be a long visit. Just enough of a "touch base" so the Princess would know where she'd be going and who she'd see.

Anyway, this morning oatmeal was on the menu. The kids love oatmeal. For some reason, they didn't really eat much of it this morning. Argh!

I mentioned to the Princess that on Wednesdays she'd be staying longer at preschool because she was in the "Lunch Bunch". All that means is that she'd eat lunch at school and have free play. It's a way for the kids to have some unstructured time to get to know each other better. Anyway yesterday I asked if they'd be having the "Lunch Bunch" even though it was only the first day of school. YES! They were planning on having it as scheduled.

Well, I had forgotten to ask but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make the lunch or if it would be provided. I was paying a little extra for her to stay longer each Wednesday, but was it enough to provide food? Just to be sure I packed a simple lunch (pb&j, raisins, & yogurt) in one of those little packages you get at the hospital when you have a baby that you use for bottles. I stuffed that in her backpack just in case they weren't providing the meal.

I packed the kids up about 8am -- yes, school didn't start until 9am. I had to drop by my hubby's
work because he made a copy of the Princess' vaccination records for the school to have on record. I wasn't sure about traffic that early in the morning either. It didn't take us more than 10 minutes to get to my hubby's office. I thought it would take at least 20. We went in and chatted with the staff for a bit. By the time we got packed back up in my car it was only 8:25!

What was I going to do between 8:25 and 9??? Go to STARBUCKS! Yes! We drove up the street and we all went in. I held the Bear until I ordered because I didn't want to lose my place in line. He was a squigly worm to say the least...until the next customer walked in. Then he was waving and saying "HI!" My son the "greeter"!

The Bear's antics were just the excuse we needed to start talking. The gal who walked in has a son who was starting at Gabrielle's preschool! She didn't have him with her -- her in-laws had him and they were dropping him off. So she didn't have any kids attached to her legs! Ha! Turns out that the gal and her family JUST moved to Tucson yesterday! They'd come out in May to find a place to live and had enrolled their son at the preschool at that time. I'll be seeing her every now and then when we drop our kids off at school. I guess I made a friend!

By this time we both had ordered our drinks and were chatting while we waited. The Princess was busy dancing her happy dance beside me. The Bear was walking to and fro throughout the Starbucks. He was highly amusing as he did his "drunken" walk around the place. I noted two gals who were sitting near a window looking at him and giggling at him. He was on the far end of the place when he stopped and looked. I knew he was going to reach out for what was in front of him -- the stainless steel coffee containers! I said "Baby Bear, please don't touch" from where I stood. I then noticed one of the gals have an "Aha!" moment and noted that she said "Oh yes Baby Bear!" It finally dawned on me that I'd seen this gal in this Starbucks before! She was the one who made the Bear a newspaper pirate hat when my sister was visiting! I looked at her & said "Do you come to this Starbucks all the time?" She said "Yes, I'm a regular!" I said "I do remember you. You made the Bear a newspaper pirate hat the last time I saw you!" I made another friend! So now I know that if I go into that location between 8am-9am during the week there's a high possibility of bumping into that gal.

We got to the preschool about 8:45am but that was fine. We were able to park in the parking lot -- there are maybe 20 spots. We got to the Princess' class & put her backpack in her cubby. I stayed until the teachers appeared and until more kids came. When we left, she was busy drawing with markers. I talked with the gals in the administration office and asked about the "Lunch Bunch" business. They said that I was supposed to pack the lunch. Yes! Just think of how disappointed the Princess would have been if I hadn't packed a lunch and she'd have to miss out on the free time?

When we came to pick her up, the Princess was happily playing in the classroom. Turns out the other kids who were doing "Lunch Bunch" on Wednesdays were all girls! No boys at all! She looked so happy and excited when she saw us. Not because she missed us but because she had so much fun. Yeah! I knew she would and so did she.

I can only hope that every day at school is interesting and stimulating for her. New adventures!!!!

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