Thursday, August 5, 2004

The mayhem of the day

Why do kids think they can be sassy? Being a type-A personality myself, I know that when the kids are being horrible for whatever reason I need to be kind. But there are those moments when I just can't stand it anymore.

Here's the latest conversation with my princess:

Prin: I've got to go poo-poo Mom!

Me: Fine. Go right there in Mommy's bathroom.

Prin: La-la-la (as she's having her bowel movement)...Mom! Go over and put my glass and plate away. I'm finished eating my lunch.

Me: What? That's not my job. That's your job.

Prin: No, that's YOUR job Mom! (She hops off the toilet and walks over to me) Mom, you need to finish and wipe my bottom. (Note here that she doesn't do the best job at wiping the back part so that's why she's asking me to help out)

Me: Well, go over and grab a wipe for me.

Prin: (Throws herself onto the bed crying) No Mom! You go get it! (Please note that she doesn't have her underpants or shorts on)

Me: Go get it if you want me to help you. (She goes and gets a wipe and proceeds to let me wipe her) Now go over and flush the toilet.

Prin: No Mom! YOU do it! (She proceeds to stomp her feet & then roll on the carpet)

This is where I lost it! I walk over to the toilet and pull her along for the ride. I then give her a swift tap on the bottom.

Me: Now close the lid and flush the toilet.

(She proceeds to do so while crying)

Me: Now wash your hands. I am tired of this sassy talk and behavior. If you're going to act this way to me then all you're going to get is a spanking. I'm tired of trying to be nice to you when you're acting horribly to me. Got it?

Am I a bad Mom? I feel guilty but she's now laying there quietly next to my bed. I tried real hard to contain myself but MAN! If she's not going to respond to my being nice and talking pleasantly to her about her behavior then she's going to get the MEAN Mommy. now we've talked it out. She came over to me after 5 minutes of laying there quietly. She came with a much more pleasant attitude.

Prin: Mom?

Me: Yes honey?

Prin: May I please watch Bob the Builder?

Me: Honey, do you understand why Mommy spanked you?

Prin: Yes...because I was being sassy.

Me: So you know that when you act that way you'll be spanked, right?

Prin: Yes Mommy. I'm sorry I wasn't acting nice to you.

She's now busy watching Bob the Builder. We've made up and she did put her dishes & glass away while I set up the DVD. Do I feel better? Most definitely. Do you think she learned something? Maybe...

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