Wednesday, August 4, 2004

The Amazing Race!!!

Charla & Mirna are doing fantastic! I can't believe that the other teams don't like them. Those two girls are working really well together. What's interesting is that they're still BOTH having a good time doing the race and enjoying each other's company. They are using whatever assets they have to do well with each leg. Last night the two checked to see if there were any earlier flights than the one they already had booked to Cairo. Who could blame them? That's the SMART thing to do, especially when most of the teams are together. You have to find an edge with every step in the race. They took advantage of the lay-over and got an earlier flight. The other teams just sat around and chatted. Plus, it's not like any of the other teams were being kind to the cousins. These two girls are tough cookies no matter what anyone else says. Who else WALKED the entire way to the train station. Some might say they were stupid for not flagging down a taxi but they found their way to the station without missing a beat -- or complaining too much! Did they haul their butts over to the camels before the guys left? Yes...these girls were smart to bring a whistle. Some might say it was obnoxious but it got those guys' attention, right? Then they had such a fun time riding the horses and leading the camels. I tell you...that Charla is a trooper. She's had to each Road Block! Mirna may be the leader but Charla is a true worker bee! Props to ya girl!

With all the bad talk about the cousins, why didn't anyone make any negative remarks about Colin & Christie? Those two also did the smart thing and immediately went to a travel agent when they got the clue that they needed to get to Cairo. Even when they were already ahead in Paris, they still checked to see if there were any earlier flights. Luck was on their side because there was a flight leaving in an hour. The other teams wouldn't even have landed by the time the two took off! This team is TWELVE hours ahead of anyone else...why isn't anyone complaining about them?

Now as far as their lead...are they so far ahead that when the last team arrived in Cairo...were Colin & Christie ready to leave on the next leg? I mean it's a mandatory 12 hour rest period between legs so... anyone? anyone?

Are Marshall & Lance ever going to lighten up? Those two act so miserable all the time. I thought it was interesting last night when they made that comment "The Russian people are miserable." Can't these two guys see how miserable THEY are? But what's wrong with the one brother's knees? Does he have arthritis? An old sports injury?

Then Chip & Kim get 4th place for the leg. Chip did a good thing by helping the twins out. But he doesn't like the fact that he's now in 4th. Well, I'm sure the twins will do him a good deed now that they've made up for the taxi incident. At least these two seem to be having a good time (compared to the brothers). I could see the awe in Chip's eyes as they approached St Petersburg via train. Then when the two of them crossed the Nile River! You could tell that they were amazed to be where they were at.

I couldn't believe the Bowling Moms didn't say INTERNATIONAL airport when they spoke with their taxi driver. It might be one of those sneaky editing deals but I didn't hear them say it when they got into the cab. "Let's hope he understands" is all I can recall they said. But I wonder if the newly twisted ankle will hamper these gutsy Moms on the next leg. At least this won't be the only injured team (the brother's knees). Now how are these ladies going to get through the next leg without any money? That'll be interesting to see!

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