Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It was a great Saturday!

Seems like AGES ago already!

We all got up about 7am. Hubby got some bagels. I got ready for the day. I left at 7:45am for my color appointment at 8am. I got a partial highlight done. I actually didn't have to go through the double process business this time. I've got dark brown/black hair so in the past they've totally bleached the strands and then put a toner over it to get it to the color I want. Well, this place just used one process. The new highlights are a reddish gold and blend really well into the old highlights. Now I don't have hairs that have two inches of natural dark color at the roots and the gold highlights at the end! I think I'll be going to this place to get my color from now on (until we move to the other end of town at the beginning of the year that is). They didn't charge me an outrageous amount and it wasn't too busy in there either. I'm really satisfied with what I ended up with.

I went home to an empty house. Not a soul in sight! My next appt wasn't until noon so I had time to burn. You know what I did? I did 4 loads of laundry! I kid you not! I was able to get those things done -- bamm, bamm, bamm! While the wash was getting done, I was able to vacuum, clean both bathrooms, and detail clean the kitchen. It's amazing what a person can accomplish when there's no one to entertain, or to fix a snack for, or any fight to break up!

Got to my noon appointment and met my new stylist. I didn't even have to sit and wait. She was at the reception desk looking at her schedule. She's a nice girl. We had a good conversation while she trimmed up my hair. She actually complimented me on my color too! She didn't do as much texturizing on the top as I wanted, but I'll have that fixed up the next time I go in. By 1:30pm, I was totally beautified! Yahoo!

What did I do next? I went to the video store and picked up a DVD -- "View From the Top" with Gwyneth Paltrow. Then, I went to the library! I went up and down the aisles so slowly and picked up five books. I immediately started reading when I got home. I checked on-line to see what movies were playing near my house. I decided on "The Day After Tomorrow" because it started at a good time and it was only going to cost $3. Plus, it's a movie that I know my hubby doesn't want to watch. There's wasn't a good "chick" flick at this theater but I wanted to see an action flick anyway.

I got home about 10:45pm and continued reading until I finished the book. I didn't get to sleep until 12:30am! What's crazy is that I woke up at 7am even though I could have slept in! It was a great day alone though.

What books did I check out? (1) "The King of Torts" by John Grisham (2) "Bleachers" by John Grisham (3) "The Nine Month Plan" by Wendy Markham and (4) "The Ladies Auxiliary" by Tova Mirvis and (5) "Breakfast at Stephanie's" by Sue Margolis

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