Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Throwing Sand

I picked up the Princess from preschool this afternoon. She stayed an hour longer than usual since it was Lunch Bunch day. When I saw her in the playground she was standing next to the sandbox. I called her name. She turned around with a frown on her face. A frown? What's that all about? Plus, she didn't have a hop, skip, & jump in her step as she came over to me. Hmmm....something is definitely not right with this picture. After talking a little in the car about what she did in class today, she started to circle around what prompted her not-so-happy face.

Princess: "Mom, I need to take a rinse when we get home so I can wash my face and legs."

I'm thinking to myself that it would be fine since I saw her next to the sandbox and she probably has residue all over her.

Me: "Well, I guess you got sand on you because you were making castles again, huh?"

Princess: "No, Alysia threw sand at my face and legs."

Me: "What happened after that?"

Princess: "I looked at her with a frowny face."

Me: "Did she say anything to you?"

Princess: "She didn't say anything to me."

She said it with such a sad voice! Broke my heart! Who the heck is this Alysia girl and what the heck is she doing throwing sand at my kid? Turns out that Alysia is one of the girls in that clique that's known each other forever. I guess she and her crew were playing in the sandbox and Alysia didn't want the Princess near them. I have this intense urge to go up to Alysia's mom (I don't think I've ever seen this lady either) and asking her if her kid has any manners! Oy! Where was the sorry?

I did end up calling the preschool and speaking to the director. I see her ever time I drop off the Princess because her office is right off the Princess' classroom. I told her what happened. I explained to the director that this is the first time something like this has happened so I was unsure how to handle it. She said that she'd speak to the teacher who was watching the kids to see if she had witnessed the incident. She'd have that teacher speak with me on Friday morning.

You see, the kids we used to play with had hands on Mommies. We'd known each other for so long that we wouldn't hesitate to tell each other's child if they were doing something not nice. We knew each other's rules and they were in line with our own so it wasn't a big deal. Now this girl Alysia? I don't know her mother. I don't know how this child has been brought up. So that's why I'm getting the school involved. If they can speak to Alysia's Mom and mention that she wasn't being nice, then the Mom will hopefully deal with her child. I don't want this type of thing happening to my girl. She's not even FOUR! She shouldn't have to defend herself against a clique, yet...right????!!!!

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