Thursday, September 2, 2004

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!

Yes, today is my dear hubby's birthday. Where is he right now at 8:35pm in the evening? He's about two hours away from us watching a football game at his alma mater. What? Yes, he went to work this morning at the crack of dawn -- the rest of us were sleeping like usual. He worked until about 3pm and then drove up to meet his younger brother before the game at 7pm.

The kids and I dropped by his work at about 11am. His co-workers knew we'd be doing this. We'd arranged with them to get sandwiches and a cake. So while he opened his "gifts" from the kiddos, the gals set up the conference room with lunch. He certainly was surprised that we'd organized this without his knowledge.

What did the kids get him? Each child made him a present. I had the Bear just color away on a sheet of paper. I had my Princess write "I LOVE DADDY" & then draw a picture of the two of them on the same sheet (her rendition had the two of them holding hands). I bought a couple simple matching frames and put their artwork in them.

He'll be driving back home tomorrow morning. Hopefully he'll be back in time for lunch. What we have planned is that he'll pick the Princess up from preschool. He's never been able to do this since he's at work, so it'll be a nice surprise for her when she finishes up her day. I'm hoping he'll take her out to lunch -- just the two of them. That would be a nice treat for her. This afternoon about the time he usually comes home, she looked at me and said "I miss my Daddy."

The gift I got him is waiting in our closet.'s not anything raunchy or sexy. I got him a new white dress shirt (it's a no-wrinkle one too!) and a nice conversative blue tie. Let me tell you...I HATE 95% of the ties he owns. They might all be 100% silk but I think they all look too busy (the patterns). What's even more of a fashion don't is that he'll mix the patterned ties with patterned shirts. The shirts don't have simple patterns either. He's got a ton of button down shirts that are plaid in pattern. Picture these things with a patterned tie. My eyes just go all squigly just thinking about it! HA! Anyway, I got him some simple stuff because that's what he likes to get.

I love you Sweetie (even though you're a fashion geek)!!!!

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