Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Out & About...and back home again

We've been out and about today and already back home again (accomplished that by 10:45am).

What did we do? We visited Old Navy to check out the fall selection (plus they open at 9am). I really wanted to get the Princess something for when it gets cold. She's got some light jackets but I wanted something other than a typical zip-up sweatshirt thing. I saw the cutest jacket, but thought it might be too heavy for Tucson.

I ended up buying her the crocheted poncho instead. I got it in the pale pink instead of the burgundy that's in the photo though. This'll be easy for her to get on and off at preschool. No zippers to deal with! Just over the head and run!

Guess what's available at Old Navy as of today? Halloween costumes! One of the gals came from the back and told the other girls the shipment had come in. She had the cutest little "chick" costume in her hand -- baby/toddler sized costume. So if you're a planner & want to buy it now...then GO, Go, Go!

We then headed out to Play It Again Sports and bought a swim vest for the Bear. Yes, summer is almost over but the swim gear was 50% off! I bought one that'll fit the rest of this year and still fit next year. It's got one of those collars around his neck so he can keep his head up.

We then walked over to the Starbucks and got me a Tall Caramel Macchiato with a pumpkin scone. Oh, I LOVE that combination! I thought we'd stay and we found some of the comfy chairs. There were two older guys in the place. One guy was writing in a journal. The other guy (at a different table) had earphones on and was typing away on a laptop. My Bear decided to use the practically empty coffee house as a place to "practice" vocalizing. He was LOUD! I could tell that the one guy with headphones was amused because I saw his shoulders shake in laughter as I told my Bear to use his "inside voice". I'm pretty sure the other gentleman was annoyed though. He hunkered down over his journal and continued to write with an intense frown on his face. I was fully amused. It's not like we were in a library!

The last place we've visited today is the local Blockbuster Video. It's Tuesday! New release day! Guess what's out? The Passion of the Christ! Yes, that movie is already available out on DVD. I got it because I wasn't able to see it at the theater. I've not spoken to anyone about the movie or really listened to all the hype surrounding it. I tend to do this when I want to watch a movie without any preconceived impression of it. So I'll be viewing that tonight or tomorrow night-- after the kiddos are both asleep.

Did I have a busy morning? How about you? What have you accomplished today? If you're a Mom who got all your kids out the door in time for school/preschool/daycare -- I bow to you!!! That's a HUGE job already.

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