Monday, August 9, 2004

The end of Monday...

Can I get a halleluia from ya people?

Yes! Monday is almost winding down to an end. It's now 6:35pm here. My hubby is feeding the Bear his before bed snack. My Princess is running around with a miniature frisbee that she happened to catch a glimpse of when my hubby opened the pantry to grab forementioned snack. I'm waiting for her to accidentally hit something with it and for my hubby to ROAR! It's an inevitable conclusion.

The Bear didn't take a morning nap. He slept for maybe 20 minutes and woke up because he had taken a dump. Well who could blame him for waking up? His poops stink up the place and I know I would never be able to sleep in a stinky room. So I got him, changed him, played with him, fed him lunch, let him watch Blues Clues, and put him down again. He slept for about 1.5 hours and started making wake-up noises. I went into his room quietly. He was sitting there and when I came in he flopped down on top of his blanket. I came over and rubbed his back. He lay there sucking on his pacifier and I noted that his eyes were still heavy. I continued to rub his back gently and he fell back asleep for another 45 minutes. He woke up at 4:30pm!

My hubby is trying to watch the pre-season game right now. It's kind of hard when both kids are clamoring for attention. They both want him to pick them up and toss them around. He plays rough with them both and they eat it up. Anyway, my hubby just can't wait until the real season starts. He's actually more involved with college football. He went to Arizona State University and follows their progress religiously. He even visits a chat board about the team and gives his opinion on many topics. It's so funny! He gets all riled up about what some people say on the board. He gets more wound up when there are negative articles in the paper about his beloved team.

As for me? I'm mentally preparing myself for everything that I need to get accomplished for tomorrow. From 8am-9am, we're going to meet up with my Princess' preschool teacher. We're going to check out her new room and find her cubby. She'll be starting the school year on Wednesday so I want her to attend orientation. After visiting the preschool, we're going to my Bear's GymRunners class at Gymboree. Then at 11am, I'm going to have to call the Honda service department to find out if they've received a part they need to fix my Passport. I brought the darn car in twice in the last few days. On Friday I brought it in and they supposedly fixed the issue. On Saturday morning on the drive to get bagels, the little ABS light went on again! So I had to bring it in again on Saturday. Well, they reran the test and told me they didn't have the part they needed. They ordered it today and it's supposed to come in tomorrow morning. Oy!

But I'm just glad today is over. We had a quiet day at home after all the running around this weekend. Whenever we drive up and visit my ILs on a Sunday, I like to have a quiet Monday at home. It's not fun being a kid and having to sit in a carseat for 4 hours in one day. You know?

On a different note...did anyone notice that I updated the format of my blog? I didn't want too many colors on it so I kept it simple. I thought shades of green as the backdrop would be refreshing with all the verbage in black & white. Like it? I'm glad I found out how to update the colors though. I can actually SEE my blogroll now. Comments, comments?

One thing I'm looking forward to tomorrow is that I'll be able to visit one of the various Starbucks and grab myself some special coffee. I think a Venti Caramel Macchiato will hit the spot. Yummy!

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