Saturday, August 7, 2004

Latest movie reviews in our house

13 Going on 30

I rented this movie yesterday from our local Blockbuster Video & enjoyed it immensely! I needed to see a good romantic comedy and this fit the bill. I think Jennifer Garner has classical beauty with comedic talent. You would never guessed about the comedic talent if you watch Alias!

Bob the Builder

This is the movie I rented for the kids' this week. It was the first Bob the Builder DVD that they've seen. I think the Princess enjoyed it a lot more than the Bear though. She's got a Bob the Builder CD game that she plays on her computer so she knew the introduction song. It was the Bear's first time seeing these characters so he wasn't as jazzed about it. Of course, I talk to the Princess about the lessons learned from the DVD -- working together, thinking about others, sharing, trying your best, etc. What I do object to is that the DVD reruns the episode without prompting! I have to really pay attention so they're not watching it endlessly!

Cold Mountain

I rented Cold Mountain last week and forgot to mention it. It was an interesting movie. It was such a transformation that the Nicole Kidman character went through. What a metamorphosis from a frail girl to a strong woman. I know that some folks had objections to this movie because Jude Law's character was a deserter, but his character also went through a tremendous change through the movie. Those two had a pretty racey love scene that I wasn't expecting. I especially enjoyed Renee Zellweger's portrayal of Ruby. The "best" scene was when she first met Nicole and Renee (aka Ruby) confronted that rooster. "Crack! I think we should put him in a pot." Amazingly funny! I think I understood it better when I watched it the second time with the commentaries (of course I turned the subtitles on). It certainly took a LONG time to get this movie from paper onto the big screen. I think the back story on how this particular movie was made really helped me appreciate it more.

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