Friday, August 6, 2004

Kids can say the most awesome things

This morning I had to bring my Passport in to the dealer to get some work done on it. My ABS light kept on turning on intermittently and I had no idea why. So off to the dealer we went. We stopped at an intersection and there was a homeless guy with a sign next to the light. Here's the conversation:

Prin: Mom, what's that guy doing?

Me: Oh honey, that's a less fortunate guy and he's asking people for some money.

Prin: he's like that man near my school? (Note: There's a guy who is always at the intersection near her preschool)

Me: Yes honey...just like that guy near your school.

Prin: So he doesn't have any money?

Me: That's right honey.

Prin: So he doesn't have a job?

Me: Well honey, some places don't like to hire people that don't have a home.

Prin: Well, if everyone gave him some money then he could get a home and then get a job.

How simple yet profound was that statement? She figured that if we all gave him some money then he'd be able to get a place to live and then he'd be able to be hired for a job!

This conversation continued later when my husband was driving us to the dealer to pick up my SUV. I noticed that the "Check Engine" light had turned on again on my hubby's truck. He's taken the truck in twice already to a local mechanic to get it fixed. We chatted for a minute when he said that we'd be selling it anyway....

Prin: Daddy! You're going to sell the truck?

Hubby: Yes Prin, we'll probably sell it in a few years.

Prin: Daddy, why don't you give it to one of those less fortunate guys? That way they can get a job.

How precious was that? She thought it would be better for my hubby to give the truck to one of the less fortunate people so that they could get a job so they could have a place to live!

Her way of thinking and getting to a conclusion amazes me. Her selfless way of thinking that through just blows me away.

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