Tuesday, August 3, 2004

A few little happy snippets

Happy moments as of late....

The princess has been waking up lately and saying "I had a GREAT dream Mom!" After a couple hugs and kisses we chat about what the dream was about. The latest dreams have been about "Papa coming home to Grandma on a plane" "Going swimming underwater with Godmother D" and "I dreamed that I had TWO dogs!" I think it's wonderful that she remembers her dreams and that they seem to be good ones. The hubby doesn't recall his dreams so I was hoping my princess would be like me and remember at least one each day.

Last night my hubby and princess went to the grocery store after dinner. Normally we all go together but I didn't want the drama that sometimes ensues between the two kids so I stayed home with the little guy. To avoid any crying I took the little guy into his bedroom to straighten it out while my hubby got the princess into her sandals and out the door. I expected my little guy to run around looking for them but he didn't make a fuss or even acknowledge that they were missing! He ran around as if he was relishing in the fact that they were gone. He ran to and fro with a flat sheet dragging behind him (the kids had played parachute with it earlier in the day).

On Sunday we didn't have ANY plans. So my hubby came up with the idea to drive up the "mountain" so the kids could play up in a park up there. We piled into the car and dropped by Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast. We drove up the semi-windy road and drove and drove. It was a nice drive but we never found this so called park my hubby mentioned. Turns out we needed to drive abouat 20 miles up to get to the open space he was picturing. Oh well! It was a great idea and we had a nice drive. I ended up blowing bubbles in the car to keep the kids happy. I certainly do LOVE the Gymboree bubble solution...it lasts and lasts! My hubby got out of the car when we got home and had bubbles stuck to the hair on his legs! It was too funny!

Speaking of Gymboree...my princess started attending the Gymboree play and music classes when she was about 6 months old. Now that she's almost 4 I no longer enroll her in the classes. This summer when I've taken my son to his class I've had to put her in the back room where they have a babysitter. Today, the babysitter was late so the instructor allowed my princess to play in the class! She was in 7th heaven! She ran around but was so careful around the smaller kids. Even when she was trying to catch the bubbles she made sure to check around to make sure she wouldn't bump into any of them. The instructor came up to me after the class and said "Your daughter is SO well behaved!" Can you feel me beaming with pride????

Right now my little guy is dragging the miniature Dirt Devil vacuum between the master bedroom and the family room. He's pretending to vacuum the place. But then also he's switching it on and off when he stops somewhere in the rooms -- when he's checking something out. It's like he has to halt the noise so he can concentrate on what he's looking at.

Oh yeah! Today the little guy went down for a nap about 11:15am and stayed down until about 1:30pm! Woohoo! Hopefully he'll keep with that kind of routine so I can transition him into a later and later naptime.

When my little guy took his nap that gave me time to color with my princess AND do a couple pages in a workbook with her. It amazes me as to what concepts she understands. I bought a few jumbo preschool workbooks and tear out the pages I think she'll be able to do. What's interesting is that she likes to do "thinking" pages versus just coloring. If I let her she'd go through an entire workbook! I'm glad that she's so interested in learning....

The fall parks & recreations catalogue came out last Friday. I didn't know that it had but happened to see it when I took my princess to her hula class on Saturday afternoon. The call in registration for residents actually started on Saturday! DARN, darn, darn! Last time I ended up signing up late because I didn't know the catalogue came out. My princess only ended up with ONE class -- the hula one. Anyway, I was able to check the schedule and get both kids signed up for classes this fall. My princess is going to have TWO classes on Saturdays and my little guy will have one on Fridays (when my princess is in preschool). I'm SO happy I got them into the classes that I wanted them to experience.

I picked up my new eyeglasses last week. I've had my old ones since 1998 so it was high time I got some new ones. I didn't get a new pair sooner because first I got pregnant with my princess then I got pregnant with my little guy. Granted, the two are 27 months apart in age but that's the way things go. This new pair has thin frames and very much up-to-date in style. I only wear them in the mornings and in the evenings. When I go out I wear my contacts. Why? Because I am BLIND! Some folks say they're blind and aren't even in the same ballpark of blind that I am. I am about -12. Anyone in my range? Anyway, I'm just glad to get a new pair of glasses that I can see clearly through. Doesn't take much to make me happy, eh?

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