Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Gotta love Mondays on A&E

I have come to LOVE Monday nights because of A&E! It's the funniest reality tv there is anywhere on cable. Starts with Family Plots, which 3 sisters and a father all work at the same mortuary. Then the new show Growing up Gotti started last night (more on that later). Then it finishes off with Airline.

Last night Family Plots was mainly about how the mortuary handled the services, etc for a war veteran. I guess he was a real famous man who surrendered his vessel (he was the captain) and then was put in a war camp. I do believe that his surrender saved the lives of many of the men he was in charge of. The program showed the stress the mortuary was under to get things "just so" for this very public ceremony.

What I recall about Airline last night was the man who was trying to get 50 pounds of clams onto a plane. These weren't your average garden variety of clam. These things were the size of a one pound steak! They were HUGE! I kid you not! He was trying to get these things back to a restaurant where he lived. He said they'd just eat them raw with some soy sauce. Zowie! Then there was the guy who missed his plane. He didn't make it because he went to buy a McFlurry! Ha! Too funny! People sometimes have NO clue that they really need to stay near the boarding area and really LISTEN to what's going on around them. Don't rely on other people to know what's going on. YOU need to pay attention!

Then there was Growing Up Gotti... I could not believe what BRATS those three boys were being to their mother. I guess she totally adored all three but the mouths on those boys needed to get smacked big time. I couldn't believe how the boys treated their Mom and each other! Amazing! I couldn't believe how they treated their home and their property either. The guest house they used for a party months previously STILL hadn't been cleaned up. It's gonna be funny watching them make fools out of themselves!

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