Monday, August 2, 2004

Get some sleep son!

As I type out this entry, I sit here with my toes crossed hoping that my little boy will actually take a nap. The question is "Will he succumb to dreamland?" Hopefully he will because he's been awake since 6am and he's way tired. We're at a weird spot in his naptime regime because he hasn't napped well at his normal time for the last 4 days. Normally he's ready by 10am and will sleep for about 2 hours. The last few days he's been fighting his sleep, so I decided to keep him up and try to feed him some lunch and then put him down. It's now about 11am and I'm anxiously waiting here at the computer before I tip-toe near his room to check if he's out.

I'd be happy if he would stay awake until 12:30pm. This way starting next week he wouldn't be nodding off in the car when we went to pick up my daughter from preschool. Then I'd be able to feed him some lunch and then put him down for a good nap. Plus, if he took an after lunch siesta then he'd be in a better mood when my hubby gets home. He gets all grumpy and needy and whiney when he gets tired. But can you believe it? He only gets that disgruntled (for the most part) for me and my hubby. Everyone else gets smiles and chuckles. Not fair!

Luckily for us, our little guy is SO ready by the end of the day to be put into his crib. At 7:30pm, my husband will say "It's time to get ready!" and will get up and start the bath water. While my husband gets things ready (gathering pajamas, etc), my little guy follows him around. It's like my son is supervising my husband making sure he's doing things correctly. Is he a quality assurance inspector in the making? If my husband lingers too long at one task my little guy will grunt and stamp his feet as if to say "Hurry it up! You're holding up the assembly line!"

It's been about 20 minutes now...hold on while I check on him.

Halleluia! The little boy is knocked out! Not a peep could be heard from his door. Did I open the door to check on him? No way! I'm not crazy! I just had to check for any moving around or coughing or moaning. All was quiet. Whew!

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