Wednesday, August 18, 2004

New friend

Isn't it amazing to watch your children make friends?

There we were (me, the Bear, and the Princess) this morning walking towards the preschool. Out of the blue I hear "HI Princess!" I look around and see one of the girls in the Princess' class walking in with her Mommy and her baby sister. The Princess hadn't heard the little girl, so I said "Princess, look Megan just said hi to you." The Princess turned around and said "HI Megan!"

The Bear and I went to pick up the Princess from school about 12:45pm. All the kids that had stayed longer today were playing out in the yard. When the Princess saw us she wasn't quite ready to leave because none of the other Mommys were there to pick up there kids, so we let her play a while longer. Finally about 12:55pm the other Mommys began to show up. LUCKILY...because the Bear wanted to get down and play. Well, I told the Princess we needed to get going and you know what she did? She ran off!!!! WHAT the heck? What she was doing was running around and saying "Bye" to the other girls from her class. I saw her head bouncing around the playground. It was too funny because I knew she was searching at one point because her head stayed in one place. The little girl Megan's Mom had just arrived and Megan was near me. My Princess ran around to where I could see her and I said "Prin, Megan's right here!" She then came running over and said "Good-bye Megan! See you on Friday!" Then came over to me and grabbed my hand. Yes, she was now ready to leave!

As a sidenote: The other girls were in the same class last year so they know each other really well. Hopefully, my Princess will be able to get to know each of them in the next few weeks.

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