Thursday, August 19, 2004

It's all in the pretending...

My princess has a wonderful imagination....I love to playact with her...

My Bear went down for his nap. I had promised the Princess that we'd built a 'tent' and play camping when he went down today. After we were sure he was out cold, I set up the 'tent'. I put a sheet across our couch and secured it with the pillows. Then the Princess and I climbed in. We pretended that it was storming outside and that her kids (her Carebear, her doll, and her two stuffed doggies) were a little afraid. We had to settle them down. I told her a couple stories and we chatted for a bit. Then I said it was time for the 'kids' to take a nap. We all laid there and I pretended to breathe loudly. Next thing you know it....I'm passed out cold. I could hear myself snore. It was truly pathetic. Even though I realized I'd fallen asleep I let myself stay asleep.

Can you believe that my Princess let me doze there?

She just laid there and held her doggies. She's such a good girl (most of the time). Then I woke up and we continued on our camping adventure. We went on a 'hike' through the master bedroom. We were sure to stay on the marked trail. We even ventured into a 'cave' (the master closet) where we needed flashlights (pretend ones). We spotted a couple bats in the cave so we didn't stay long because we didn't want to disturb them. After we left the cave we went along the trail (the area around the bed) and spotted a deer and her doe! We then laid down a blanket and had snacks. We let the 'kids' run around, but made sure they didn't venture out of our sight. We then trekked back to the campsite and broke camp. We both had to go back to work so we had to head home.

What are we both doing now? I'm working here on my computer and my Princess is working on hers (playing an educational CD). We're going to be tired when we get off work -- when the Bear wakes up. It's amazing how you can spend your time when you're with a preschooler! The adventures we have!

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