Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Amazing Race 5

Can I say it? What a JERK!

He's finally shown his true colors. Now all the Colin backers have got to realize what a selfish clod this guy is. Granted, the taxi driver was driving on a donut, but you are the one who selected that taxi. I couldn't believe he tried to keep money away from that man. "It's $50 or nothing."

He was cocky enough to think that the police were going to side with him. Go figure that Colin would say "Do you speak English?" like it's the only language in the world -- the language that EVERYONE needs to know. I adored the man who came back with "Do you speak Swahili?" I was dying from laughter on that note. Then Colin tries to shmooze the head police officer (sorry I didn't catch his official rank) by officially introducing himself. Then when things don't go his way he just says "We have to catch a flight" like that's going to sway these guys into deciding his way.

I was actually on Christie's side on this one. Colin acted like she messed up the situation by going down to the station. What did she mess up? She was being the concerned girlfriend making sure she knew what was going on. Like she's going to let him go off with those guys alone? What if she didn't follow him? Wouldn't he be more pissed off at her for not being concerned? She was in a no-win situation with this. Maybe it was just the editing but I never saw him say "I'm sorry for yelling at you." They did show her apologizing to him. But for what? Being concerned? He's SUCH a loser! I'm sure all the other competitors saw what a jerk he was to Christie.

Can you believe he had a gall to say to the Bowling Moms "Well that's what you get for driving so fast." What? They all want their drivers to drive as quickly as possible! What also offended me was how dismissive he was with the twins. Their taxi stopped and their driver gave the spare to Colin. There was no acknowledgement from him at all. No thank you or anything! How rude was that?

But the twins...the twins! I can't believe that the one twin was like "oh, follow them" even though her sister was like "I saw the flag back there!" Don't be a follower! Be a leader! These two need to make decisions and then support each other. I can't believe the one said "get over it!" and the other said "I'll get over it when I want to!" The one twin could have at least apologized to the other for not listening to her though. Oy!

But Chip has definitely mellowed out as the race has gone on. He's more about "giving positivity out to the world" now than he was in the beginning. I'm liking him more now. But the money situation! I wonder what that taxi driver was really thinking when Chip gave him all the various types of money from his pockets and hugged him. If I could only ready his mind at that moment! Now, why is Nicole bitching at Brandon? If she doesn't want to give money away then get change girl! You're the one holding the darn money! Get smaller bills already!

The race is dwindling down to the end now. I'm hoping either the Bowling Moms or Chip/Kim win this one!!!!!

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