Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Olympics comments...


I didn't watch the men's gymnastics this year. Just wasn't into it as I've been in the past. I did catch the women's (or should I say girls') gymnastics. That Russian chick, Svetlana, has got a pursed mouth expression on her face 90% of the time -- is she just not a happy person? But she really looks WAY too thin - anorexic like. Her legs are like twigs! It doesn't help that she's head over heels taller than all the other competitors. I was glad that the Romanian girls won the team competition. It would have been nice if the Americans had won but they made the decision to keep that gal in even though she messed up on two events.


So much team spirit with this! The Aussies and the Americans are doing so well. It's great to see this "fun" rivalry. No animosity. No sneering faces. Just congratulations when the other team wins. It's wonderful to watch. Even my kids like to watch it!

Beach Volleyball

Are they just showing the women's matches? I haven't seen one iota of any men's beach volleyball. I must say that the male viewers are getting an eyefull. If any man didn't make it to the beach this summer then the coverage they've shown of the women's games should be enough. Those ladies definitely are in good shape. I know how much slower I am when I'm even walking on the beach... let alone running! But I must say that those bikini bottoms are quite tiny! I'd constantly be pulling that thing down if it were me!

Table Tennis

Now did anyone catch this? I caught like two games of this. Let me tell you that I was cracking up! I know these competitors have the BEST eye-hand coordination but I couldn't help but laugh. The one gal I saw had this crazy serve. She'd throw it WAY up in the air and then hit it. It's like she had a tennis serve technique of throwing it up so high. I'll never get that serve out of my head -- I can't wait until the next Olympics!

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