Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Maybe I'm being nit-picky? NAW!

One thing that really irritates me is lack of organization. Today we visited my daughter's preschool to meet her teachers and to check out her new classroom. We arrived and then were directed to the appropriate room. Turns out she's in a totally different classroom AGAIN! For the end of the last school year she was in one room near the front. Then for the extended summer session (3 weeks) she was in another room. Now this term she's in one of the back rooms! I'm not worried about which room my Princess is in...it's the way the orientation was handled that I have issues with.

We walk to my daughter's classroom and what's interesting is that you couldn't tell WHO the teacher was. They didn't have nametags so I couldn't readily tell who was who. They didn't have the kids' cubbyholes labeled so I couldn't show my Princess HER spot. She knows how to write her name so tomorrow she won't have any problem identifying which one is hers but STILL! Then they had some handouts on a table in six separate stacks. No one made any indication that we needed to grab these sheets either. I'm not saying that the place wasn't friendly OR wasn't enriching but the teachers needed to be way more organized than they were.

What would I do different if I was the teacher? I would have worn a sticker with my name on it. I would have put all the various information sheets together with a paperclip and put each child's name at the front so I was sure each family picked up the paperwork. I would have stayed near the doorway to great each parent and child as they walked in. At that time I would also point out the information packages on the table, indicate where the daily sign-in log would be located, along with the activity board where the daily schedule posted. I would have labeled each cubby so each child would know their special little spot.

Now was that so difficult? I understand everyone is busy but it would have taken maybe 20 to 30 minutes to get things more orderly. Don't you think?

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