Saturday, August 21, 2004

My heart is sad...

I finally got around to calling the salon to get an appointment with the GREAT stylist I saw last time. She was the one who convinced me to not cut my hair as short as I'd wanted. She's the one who got my hair into a wonderful easy style. I had such a good time talking with her. You know how it is when you move to a new city and you have to find a new person to cut your hair. It's always difficult for me to find a stylist that I feel comfortable with and one that understands my hair, so I was ecstatic when the salon matched me up with her.

I should have seen her 6 weeks post original cut but I got busy with the kiddos. Now I need to get a cut like crazy, but I also need to get my highlights done. So I called a half hour ago to get an appointment for next weekend. I couldn't for the life of me remember her name and I couldn't find her business card! So when I called I told them the date that I'd been there and my name and the receptionist was able to look her up.

"Okay, the last person you saw was Serena."

Then there was a pause.

"I'm sorry to tell you that Serena passed away."

WHAT? When? What? This girl was only 21 years old!

The receptionist was able to get me an appointment next week, but my mind was racing about in disbelief. Of course, I couldn't ask her for details because she sounded like her voice was about to break.

After I hung up the phone I got on the internet to look up recent obituaries. It turns out that she passed away last Saturday! They just had services for her this week and laid her to rest on Thursday. The obituary, of course, had no details regarding her death but it listed so many of her loved ones.

"We are saddened by your untimely departure, but joyous that you are wrapped in God's arms. You were the sunshine of our lives and you would spread your light to everyone that knew you. Your spirit was comforting and gentle. Your giving ways touched many lives. You will be greatly missed but we are assured we will all meet again in heaven. You knew the right things to say when we needed it and you would just listen. We have learned from each other and shared our journeys. Thank you for blessing us with your tender heart, your mellow spirit, your priceless smile and more importantly, for being a part of our lives."

If I had made an appointment at 6 weeks like she'd suggested I would have been able to speak to her one last time. I only met her the one time but she was a ray of sunshine with a priceless smile. I only spent an hour and a half with her but her passing really saddens my heart.

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