Friday, April 30, 2010

Schoolday but not in school

The kids' school had their first annual Field Day today. It seems that most public schools in our district hold a Field Day at the end of the year. The entire school spends the day out on the playground/fields and play games. So I was very glad to hear that the kids' school was having their first scheduled day at a nearby park.

As always, they asked for parent volunteers. I gladly took the time off to help the school out. We ended up loading my car up with all the water, juices (for lunch), and lunch stuff. I ended up getting a work-out just by loading and unloading my car! No need to go out on a run today!

But all the kids had SO MUCH FUN! Here are some photos that I was able to take of the kids.

The Princess tied up with one of her classmates in the 3-legged race.

The Bear giving me a classic smile.

My girl gets some air.

My guy trying to hula hoop.

My girl threw the ball hard but it just didn't quite make it through the tire.

My little guy did really well through the tires.

Of course, my daughter won the hula hoop contest for her grade. Can you believe the other contestant was a boy?

When we got home around 3:30pm, the kids were tired. And me? I was super tired. And now my back is pretty achy. I lay down with a heating pad on my back earlier. But I think a good night sleep will do the trick. So I better hit the hay. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! Baseball. Two girl scout events. And finalizing packing!

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