Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running about today [updated @ 8:45pm]

Another day out here in the desert.

This morning I'm heading over to see my doctor. We're going to do a general health check. See where my blood pressure is at. How my acid reflux is doing. Figure out a good plan going forward since I'm leaving for SoCal on Sunday.

This morning the Princess is going on an all-day field trip. She's supposed to be at school before 7:50am because they'll be loading onto a bus at 8am. She's going to the zoo for an event where she'll meet Jane Goodall! Then all the kids are heading to a local college where Dr. Goodall will be the key note speaker. I'll pick the Princess up at school at 4:30pm. Long day, no?

This afternoon the Bear has a baseball game. The game starts at 5pm, but the boys are supposed to show up at 4:30pm for warm-ups. See my first conflict?

But before the afternoon rush, I'll be TRYING to figure out our new software system. A system I've had NO training on whatsoever. I'm going to have to piece my way through it. Comparing our current system (v1) with the new system (v2). If you recall, we very abruptly moved to the version1 in December. And they've just got an "improved" version finished. I can already see the storm clouds in my brain forming. Ay-yay-yay!

What have you got planned for today?

The visit with my Doc went well. I'm down another pound (118.5). My pressure was just a wee bit elevated but my Doc said it was in the "still okay" range.

We reviewed the fact that I've been on blood pressure meds since September and have since developed acid reflux.I let my Doc know that while the horrible symptoms are basically controlled by my meds, I still do have residual acid every now and then. I let him know that tomatoes are a definite trigger for me, so I've cut these (for the most part) out of my diet. I've also cut out caffeine. A decaf coffee maybe once every two weeks or so. No soda whatsoever. No more Diet Cokes! It's been water, water, and more water!

I let my Doc know that I would be leaving town for the summer. And he gave me an order to get a blood draw. A fasting blood draw. So after dinner tonight I'm not allowed to eat! ARGH! But I should be okay since my blood draw is scheduled for 9:15am. I am definitely going to be eating something yummy afterwards.

The reason for the blood draw? To figure out where my levels are at. A metabolic panel. A lipid panel. A hemoglobin check. A CBC and platelet count. A check of my vitamin D level. AND? A test to determine if there's any H.Pylori in my blood. Apparently, the H.Pylori could be the cause of my acid reflux. And if there is any H.Pylori? My Doc will put me on 3 concurrent medications to kill the bacteria.

But I do have to tell you that I made a new chicken dish tonight. Not only was it yummy? It was super easy as well. The kids and I each had a piece at the park since the Bear had a baseball game. I left three pieces in the oven for the Hubs. When the kids and I came home, they both let me know they wanted more chicken. And wouldn't you know it? The Hubs ate 2.5 pieces and threw the rest away. IN. THE. TRASH. The kids almost had a fit. But I promised them that I'd make it again sometime soon. Hopefully the pie I'm planning on making tomorrow will make up for the lack of extra chicken tonight.

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