Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's nice to hear a response

I mentioned the other day that I took a whole slew of photos of the Bear's team this season. And that I'd uploaded the photos onto a secure site.

Here's what I wrote to the parents:
My name's Grace and I'm the Bear's mom. Since the season began I've been snapping photos of all the kids in action. I've finally uploaded the photos onto one location so that you'd be able to copy and share these photos with your family/friends. I think you'll actually need to set up an account on "insert photosite" to see the photos but I didn't want to post the pictures up on an unsecure site that anyone could view. Please enjoy these action shots of your little baseball players. I'll continue to add photos to the album from upcoming games.
I don't know about you but if another parent did this? I'd send them a nice thank you note for their effort and for sharing. And I've actually have received two responses from the 12 emails I sent out. Yeah!

Here's the first response:
Great shots, Grace. Thanks so much for doing that!
Nice right? Just a simple note. And I totally appreciate it.
Here's the second response:
Wow!!! Wonderful pictures!!!! Thank you so much!!! I have to ask, do you do photography? You captured a great season, we sure had an awesome group!!
This one cracked me up. Do I do photography? HA! That comment tickled my funnybone so much. I just have a regular digital camera - Canon Powershot A720 IS - that has some zoom on it. When I do take photos I just take a bunch of photos. And odds are? I'm going to get a couple good ones in the bunch.

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