Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting giddy

I have to say that I'm starting to feel anxious.


Because the Hubs and the kids will be gone this weekend.


Yes. They'll be flying out around 7:30am on Saturday. They'll be flying in again around 2pm on Monday.

Did you calculate the time away?

I'll be without them for over TWO days!

Should I feel bad that I am giddy with happiness?

It's going to be like my one and only mini-vacation before the kids start summer vacation.

Summer vacation around here?

Starts Wednesday. Next week. Yeah....

So I am already trying to get summer plans finalized.

I've got summer swim lessons scheduled out.

We've got a trip to see my family and old friends planned.

I may start working on a 2nd trip out to visit my family -- after LilSis has her baby.

We have one weekend planned to visit with the Hubs family.

I've got places in mind to take day-trips to with the kiddos, since they're not going to any summer camps this year.

We've also got a big Disneyland trip planned. Just me and the kids.

It's going to be BUSY. So this last weekend alone is going to be nice.

Now when do YOUR kids get out of school?

Have you got your summer plans finalized?

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