Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Hubs and I just had a snippety moment.
Hubs: Honey? Is your garage opener in your car or in your purse?
He was in the family room getting ready to go outside. I was in the den working.

I got up and walked five feet to my purse.
Hubs: Well? Where is it?
Me: I don't remember. I'm checking my purse!
That little moment? It was like twenty seconds.

He couldn't wait another ten seconds for me to check my purse before he snipped at me. DANG!

It's like does he want any old answer? Or does he want the right answer?


I'd want the right answer.

So men? If your wives don't answer within ten seconds of your question? DO. NOT. SNAP. AT. HER. Because you'll end up with a fuming wife...like I am now. [sigh]

And maybe if he'd get the wall garage door opener fixed then we wouldn't have to rely on our little openers to get that darn garage open! AHHHH!!!!

----------------- 15 minutes later ------------------
We've made up.

I went outside to check on him.


Because he's changing the battery in my car.

I bought a new car battery this morning because it's been about 2 years since my 2nd battery died. Also, when I've been started the car for the last week it's kind of seemed to take a little longer to get started. You know?

It was a good thing htat I did go out there. Because the Hubs was having a little trouble getting the battery out. He couldn't quite get this little screw-on thingy off the battery. I got the owner's manual out and encouraged him a little. He finally fit something on top of it and was able to unscrew it. I helped him by holding the attachments out of the way so he could take out the old battery and then put the new battery in place.

So this evening squabble lasted just a smidge of time. Fifteen whole minutes.

What's the funniest? Is that I went outside AFTER I'd showered. I was in my plaid pajama bottoms and a short-sleeved t-shirt. And I had no qualms about being outside. Even with my neighbor across the street in his own garage working on his car. Hey! I was covered, right?

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