Monday, May 11, 2009

Making me laugh

All the kids on the Bear's baseball team know who I am.

Yesterday I had been in the field and taken a bunch of PHOTOS of the kids warming up. I was walking off the field when I heard the Bear yell to all his buddies.
That's my Mom!
Like all the kids didn't already know that I'm the crazy lady who always is snapping photos of the kids in action.

Truth be told. What I enjoy most about going to the games is encouraging them. I like to cheer. I do.
Good job!
Good running!
I'm vocal. And I'm not just vocal when it comes to the Bear. I don't know. I'm just one of those people who cheers for all the kids. Sometimes I don't remember their names quickly enough either. So? I just say their position instead of their name.
Good job catcher!
Good stop pitcher!
Good teamwork!
One of the boys totally cracked me yesterday."Z" was walking up towards homeplate for his turn at bat.
Z! Go hit that ball hard!
Without breaking his stride. The kid looked directly at me and winked. He WINKED. Like he was saying that he'd heard my request and that he'd smack that ball for me. And you know what? He did hit it and made it on base.

The kids on the baseball team are good kids. There's one that I don't particularly enjoy. But the rest of them I do enjoy. They really are good kids. They try hard. They work hard.

When I cheer for them? I LOVE seeing their eyes light up. It's like they can't believe that another kid's parent is watching them and giving them positive feedback when they've done something good. I found out that the Coach's kid "W" is finding it tough to be on the team. His dad is riding him pretty hard to do well. The one time that the Coach pitched for a game, W didn't hit the ball. But the very next game when the assistant coach pitched, W hit the ball every single time. So when I cheered for W on Saturday when he got to homebase? He looked over at me as he walked towards the dugout.
Did you see what I did?
Yup W. I saw. It was a good run, eh?
He was all smiles. And it was great to see him smile. He's a good kid.

But like I said. I think they're all good kids. And best of all? They ALL have fun while they play together. And hopefully I've captured their fun in the photos I've taken over the last couple of months. Over the weekend I uploaded all the team photos onto one location and sent the link out to the parents. This way they can enjoy seeing their little baseball player in action.

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