Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little squishing is worth the sense of relief

Remember last month when I mentioned I was visiting my doctor?

The topical ointment that she prescribed to me worked. I no longer felt the endless itchy sensation on my breast. No more waking up in the middle of the night fighting the urge to scratch in that hazy daze of sleep. That definitely was a relief.

But today? I go in for a mammogram. This is a "just in case" verification for us to know if something is going on underneath my skin.

First on today's agenda though is going to the Bear's kindergarten graduation. Yes.

Yesterday was the kids' last full day at school.

We'll all attend the graduation and then zonk at home. I'll head on over to the testing site around lunchtime and be back (hopefully) within an hour.

It's going to be a lazy Wednesday. I'm so thankful that the Hubs will attend the Bear's graduation AND be with them while I go to the testing site.

To celebrate the start of summer? We're going to get ice cream after dinner tonight. Yes. It's over 100 degrees so ice cream will be fabulous. Cold Stone here we come!

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