Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making a list and checking it twice

No. Not for Christmas.

It's a travel packing list.

I'm sure you all do it. You figure out where you're going and determine what you & your kids should wear.

Even though the weather is "if-fy", I'm still bringing two suits for both kids along with a life-vest and floaties. I'll be the only one in the pool with them (if it ends up being warm enough) so I want them both to the "safe".

I have to make sure to get a small pack of Wet Wipes and antibacterial gel. So when we're out and about I can still get the kids' hands clean. Traveling hee-bee-gee-beez. Germies!

But I'm definitely getting excited about our trip. It'll be about four days of just me and the kids together. To a very happy place that I haven't been to in over 20 years. I looked online and there's SO much more to see. It'll be like I've never been there before. It's going to be tiring, fun, irritating, and filled with wonderful moments.

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