Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last day of an era

Today was the last day of the Bear's first baseball season.


The Bear had a fun time playing. He learned about the game. He loves to hit the balls with a bat. He loves to run around the bases. The one major element that he needs to work on is his attention span on the field. Actually when a batter takes too long to hit a ball, all the kids in the field seem to lose interest. Go figure!

Earlier this week with the kids out from school, I took them to the park in the morning. And I had the kiddos run the bases. Here's the Bear running flat-out around the bases.

Here is the Bear's last at-bat today.

While the Bear was playing, the Princess was off at the playground.

She did take some time to relax though. Doesn't she look worldly in her Hollywood sunglasses?

I'll have to find out when the next season starts. I don't know if they have fall ball around here. If they do? I think we'll be getting the Bear into it. But for now? Baseball is done. [sigh]

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jupiter said...

hi Grace, I've just found your blog for the first time and think it is brilliant & amazing. Despite my blog-id I'm actually a mum, probably somewhat older than you, two 19/20ish daughters, and reading your blog is just like talking on the phone with a new friend. You write well and with such enthusiasm about your life and your much.loved kids - I really hope you are as happy as you sound! I shall definitely try and drop by again. all the best, c.