Sunday, May 31, 2009

The countdown...

Today is the Princess' second to last day of school.

Yes. You read that correctly. TOMORROW will be her LAST DAY at school this year! AHHHH!!!

Of course, this week there's probably nothing academic that's going on. I'm sure they're taking paperowrk off the walls and cleaning out stuff. Getting things ready for the big CLEAR OUT tomorrow afternoon.

There is a schoolwide swim party on Wednesday at a park but the Princess will not be attending. Parents are required to accompany kids in from kindergarten to second grade. And I don't want to have to supervise both her and the Bear. I've been to one of these swim things and some of the kids get kind of crazy. I have a difficult enough time being around those kids in my bathing suit without having to deal with other kids' antics. You know? They're good kids but all of them at a pool? Not my scene.

But we'll be starting summer vacation bright and early on Wednesday. I wonder if the Princess will sleep in? I can only hope so.

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