Sunday, May 31, 2009

The lesser of two evils

About a week ago I injured myself.

I was playing catch with the Bear at the park. He had his mitt. I didn't have anything.

I didn't notice anything at first. But the next day I knew my thumb joint felt a little painful and weird.

Of course as many Moms do, I didn't get it checked out.

I could bend my thumb, so I figured it wasn't broken.

I just found a splint and wrapped my thumb.

It's been a week.

When I took off the wrap today I tested out my thumb. I bent it. And I heard a click sound.

Hmmm...that made me nervous. I did a couple more times and it clicked each time.


So? I headed out to the Urgent Care just in case there was a small little bone break or fracture.

One and a half hours later and $50?

I've got a sprain. Nothing is broken. Yeah!

The doc said to keep the wrapped (no splint) for the next couple of weeks.

Now WHY did I go today versus tomorrow?

Because we're traveling!

The kids and I are going to hit the road tomorrow for a week.

A week as a threesome.

The Hubs will keep the homefires burning since he's got work.

But tomorrow will be an interesting time.

We'll be headed on a route that I've never taken before.

I've already printed out a Mapquest map and taken a good look at it.

But I'll have my thumb wrapped the entire week away.

Because I've got a sprain!

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