Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving up some time

Yesterday after I dropped the Hubs and the kids off at the airport, I headed out to the baseball fields.

Why since the Bear wouldn't be playing?

Because it was our team's turn to do the snack bar and I thought it would be good if I'd give up a couple hours to help out. The Hubs had actually paid more money during registration so that we wouldn't have to help out do anything extra timewise. But since the Bear wasn't going to be playing and they needed some volunteers, I thoughtit would be the "best" way to spend my time that morning.

I actually ended up spending three hours at the snack bar instead of the 1.5 that I was designated for. I was signed up for 7:30am-9am, but someone didn't show up for the 9am-10:30am shift. So I stayed and hung out.

I ended up having a good time. The assistant coach's Mom was also helping out yesterday and she is a total bundle of fun. We ended up laughing a lot and working well together.

Can you believe that we ended up starting the grill at 9am? Yes! We had a couple requests for cheeseburgers at 9am. NINE in the morning! I guess these people felt hat a cheeseburger was just the same as a breakfast sandwich, eh? But we started the grill and got the burgers out in about 15 minutes. Yes. It was a gas grill.

The assistant coach's Mom also was there helping out. And she is a total bundle of fun. I definitely had a good time. We had a couple of other parents helping out so we had enough folks that worked well together. We laughed quite a bit and were able to get to know each other better.

What's funny is that once our players and their siblings figured out that we were at the snack bar, they would come by more frequently than normal.
Can I have a cup of water?
How much is gum? Can I buy a piece of gum?
I'm just glad that I was able to help out. A couple people on the baseball board came by the snack bar and were actually surprised that our team had so many volunteers. AND that we were all laughing and having a good time.

Now how has your "snack bar" experience been? Was it fun? Chaotic?

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