Monday, May 18, 2009

The last moments of quiet [updated]

It's 9:15am.

I've been up since 6:15am.

I didn't need to be awake that early. But I automatically woke up.

Since I woke up?

Took the trash to the curb.

I took a 30 minute walk this morning.

I took a leisurely shower.

I put on some make-up.

I drank a HUGE cup of hot coffee along with a cinnamon-raisin bagel.

Brought the trash bin back into the garage.

Swept the front walk.

Now I'm on the computer ready to log into work.

In about another hour and a half I'll be headed out to pick up the Hubs and the kids.

Yes. They are scheduled to arrive before lunch.


I've missed them a lot. But I have relished in my time alone. The quiet. The clean house. Being able to do whatever I want without having to think about anyone else.

The most irregular thing I did? Walk around the house naked. Yes. N-A-K-E-D. No. I didn't do anything kinky. For those of you who color your hair at home, you know that you have to rinse out your hair pretty thoroughly when your "time" is up. Instead of rinsing in the sink or bending over the tub to rinse my hair, I just hop into the shower. Typically when I color my hair I just wrap an old towel around myself, put the solution on my hair, and wait for the color to set. Then it's into the shower I go. I don't like to deal with taking off clothes while I've got that dye on my hair. No sense in ruining clothes, eh? Anyway, yesterday while I was waiting for the color to set I walked out into the kitchen [giggle] and started a pot of coffee. It was SO weird to do. I just stood there stark naked waiting for the coffee to finish up.

But my time alone is almost done. It was nice. But I'll be happy to hear the voices of my loved ones fill the house once more.
------------------- updated @ 1pm -------------------------------
Everyone is home.

The kids are happily munching on some lunch.

The Hubs is safely tucked away in our bedroom taking a much needed nap.

I've got a load of dirty laundry started in the washer.

The loves of my life are now home safe.

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