Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Illness has struck

Oh no. Not me.

Oh no. Not the kidlings.

Last night, the Hubs told me that he was feeling sick. I knew he wasn't feeling well when he grabbed his pillow from our bed and told me he was sleeping in the guest room.


This morning I knew that when I didn't hear the Hubs walk into our bathroom at 5:30am that he was not going to get up. I washed up, changed, and got my coffee started. But as I was pouring my water into the reservoir I heard something up stairs. It was the little Bear peaking downstairs at me.

Hi Bud! Daddy's not feeling well, so Mom is getting you ready for school all by herself. Okay?

When the kids hear this, they know that they have to walk downstairs on their own power. The Hubs carries each of them downstairs every morning. Yes. He does! He usually gets the kids and makes sure they have a good breakfast. Anyway, the Bear walked downstairs and I cuddled on the couch with him for a minute. I turned on one of our bright lights and went up to rouse the Princess out of bed.

The kids were great. They didn't complain. They didn't fight. They cooperated really nicely. And we got to school on time.

The Hubs was still asleep when I came back home. I thought since the kids were at school that I'd let him sleep as long as he needed. And he stayed asleep in the guest room for a LONG time. Can you say 11:30? Uh-huh. It's true. He stayed in bed until ELEVEN THIRTY in the morning. Whew! But he did feel much better when he emerged from his little sleep coma. He didn't really eat the rest of today but he was feeling better.


Just think...it's only the beginning of cold and flu season.

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