Monday, October 27, 2008

Special time with my girl

Our trip yesterday was for the entire afternoon/evening.

After we visited our nephew and the rest of Hubs family, we went to the mall near our old house. We had dinner together at California Pizza Kitchen. This was a restaurant that the Hubs and I used to go to when we were still dating. There were at least 3 of them that we'd visit.

After dinner, the Hubs and the Bear went to a college football game.

The Princess and I? We stayed at the mall and walked around a bit. I had to buy some more face cleanser -- the new brand I'm using since the one I'd been using for 15 years suddenly stopped keeping my oily face under control. We also took some time into looking at things at Barnes&Noble and the new Lego store. It's always interesting to see what catches her eye.

But the main reason we were at the mall? To watch High School Musical 3.

Yes. I took her to see the movie. We ate popcorn and drank lemonade. It was fun. The movie was good. Definitely a conclusion to the series. Just me and my girl. I loved every minute of being alone with her.

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