Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More teeth are coming

Last night during dinner, the Bear had a tooth pop out.

Don't be alarmed. It wasn't due to a cavity. He's been working on it for a while. I had just looked at the status of the tooth before dinner and told the Hubs that the tooth was WAY loose. That he should pull it before putting the Bear to bed.

But alas! The tooth was so loose that when the Bear was chomping on some pasta, it popped right out. YEAH! The Bear placed the tooth under his pillow after dinner to make sure he wouldn't forget about it.

This morning? He was ecstatic about the money he found. It's only his second tooth that he's lost so it's still a new thing for him.

Also this morning was a visit to the dentist. Yes. It was time again for the kids' 6-month cleaning. The Princess did fine with her cleaning. The gal did mention that the two teeth that are loose and are "hanging on for dear life"still in her mouth are holding gunk at the gums. Gunk that could possibly affect the two adult teeth that are coming out. ARGH! I made a point in my head to continue to remind the Princess to shake her "snaggle teeth."

The Bear had issues with the cleaning. He cried and kicked and made a commotion. I tried to step in and hold his hands. But NO! He wanted to hold my head on his chest. Yes. He wanted to hug my head! Oy! But even as he held my head he kicked his feet and cried.

The dentist came around after the kids had their teeth cleaned. He let the Bear know that his two new bottom teeth looked "awesome". Of course, this made the Bear feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Princess got her inspection second. The dentist took a quick look at all the Princess teeth. And then he commented on the two teeth looked like they were ready to come out. I said that I tried to pull them with string but they didn't budge. So what did he do? He took some gauze and grabbed the looser of the two teeth and twisted that sucker out. YES! He twisted it out in less than 5 seconds. HA! Then he took some more fresh gauze and grabbed the second tooth, which wasn't as loose. The Princess was uncomfortable so she was saying "ouch, ouch, ouch" when he was twisting the tooth. And it popped out after about 15 seconds. YEAH!

So it's been a couple days filled with teeth. How is it going with your young kids and their teeth?

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